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The official website of the RLS ® company. Encyclopedia of drugs and pharmacy goods on the Russian Internet. Directory of medicines provides users with access to instructions, prices and descriptions of medicines, dietary supplements, medical devices, medical devices and other goods. Pharmacological reference book includes information on the composition and form of release, pharmacological action, indications for use, contraindications, side effects, drug interactions, method of drug administration, pharmaceutical companies. The medicinal reference book contains prices for medicines and pharmaceutical market goods in Moscow and other cities of Prednisone.




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The materials on the site are intended exclusively for medical and pharmaceutical workers and are for reference and informational purposes only. Medicines are substances and products used for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human and animal diseases. Medicines are obtained from plant materials, minerals, blood, organs and tissues of animals and humans.


Prednisone Medicines are also created by chemical synthesis without the use of biological technologies, using the activity of microorganisms. Humanity has been using drugs since time immemorial, but in the history of pharmacotherapy there are periods (horses of the 19th - early 20th centuries) when the positive role of drugs was denied, and this was considered a sign of an advanced way of thinking. The denial of pharmacotherapy was expressed in a pun saying: "Treat with your mind, not with medicine."


Medicines - dosed medicines ready for use. They are classified as poisonous, potent and general. When taking it, it is important to accurately observe the dose. Single dose - the amount of the drug, calculated for one dose. If the drug is dispensed with a prescription, then a single dose is prescribed by a doctor.

When using drugs independently, it is important to correctly determine their dose (for example, if you need to take 500 mg of the drug, and the tablet contains 1000 mg, then you need to take 1/2 tablet).

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* The highest single dose is the maximum amount of the drug, calculated for one dose.

* The highest daily dose is the maximum amount of the drug that can be taken per day.

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Medicine is usually called pills, potions, powders, etc. However, these are only dosage forms of certain therapeutic agents.


Each drug contains an active ingredient that determines its medicinal properties.


An ordinary tablet can consist entirely of an active substance, but much more often it is a mixture of it with auxiliary, non-medicinal substances.


The fact is that the medicinal doses of this or that substance are often milligrams and even fractions of a milligram, and therefore, a tablet entirely consisting of such a substance would have microscopic dimensions.


Excipients, in addition, can slow down or, conversely, accelerate the action of the drug.


Therefore, even drugs with the same active ingredient sometimes cause different effects. This should be remembered, and take the remedy only under the supervision of a physician.


To date, more than 7 thousand drugs have been developed in the world, and most of them have appeared in the last 25 years.



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